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    Many of the wealthiest people and largest businesses in the world are in a lower tax bracket than you. To repeat that, many of the wealthiest people and largest businesses in the world are in a LOWER tax bracket than YOU. In fact, multi-billionaire Warren Buffet is fond of boasting about how "his tax rate is lower than his secretary's" and he rarely pays more than 15% in taxes each year. One of the largest multinational corporations, General Electric has made billions of dollars since it was founded over 100 years ago however, the company has not paid taxes in 60 years.


    Now you may be asking how is it fair that these people and businesses make so much money and pay so little in taxes while the average small business owner pays more than 40% in taxes every year? To answer this question, it is NOT fair and up until the start of the 21st century there was nothing that anybody could do about it because the only professionals that could do that type of advanced, legal tax reduction work were tax attorneys.


    But not anymore...


    Over the last decade, this has all changed. An elite group of federally licensed tax professionals, known as Certified Tax Coaches, has emerged with the goal of making available these same powerful, tax reduction strategies that were only available to the mega-wealthy available to small and medium sizes business owners. Certified Tax Coaches are regarded as some of the top tax professionals and are required to go through hours of hundreds of hours of intense training and case study with a focus on court-tested, IRS-approved strategies for minimizing their client's taxes, maximizing deductions and savings, and similarly power strategies. As taxes rise to cover increased government spending, this sort of proactive planning will become even more important in the future.


    The “other guys” settle for after-the-fact planning. Too often, that means outdated information, nasty surprises on April 15, and no feeling of control. At Luster Tax Consulting, you enjoy total confidence knowing you pay the least amount of tax possible while you work to achieve your dreams.


    What’s the bottom line?

    • We empower you to achieve your dreams.
    • We educate you in a language you understand
    • We highlight areas in which you are strong and those that need improvement
    • We help you set goals and help hold you accountable to achieve your dreams
    • We design and help you implement innovative, customized tax strategies that minimize your taxes and your risk of audit


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